As part of the individual registration fee, Franklin Junior Football provides each participant the following equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Pads
  • Pants
  • Personalized jersey

Borrowed equipment (helmet, pads and pants) are distributed at Equipment Handout in August and must be returned at the final game of the season. Jerseys belong to the player.

Other required equipment not provided by Franklin Junior Football:

  • Mouth guard
  • Socks
  • Molded cleats

All of the above equipment is required for participation in any practice or game. A seasonal base layer is also recommended, but not required.

Borrowed equipment is professionally cleaned, inspected and conditioned before the start of every season.

Equipment Care

To maintain the protective quality of the equipment, proper care and maintenance is important. This will help to ensure the safety of all participants.

Please follow the guidelines below to care for your equipment. If you take care of it, it will take care of you!

Helmet: Outside should be cleaned with mild soap and water solution or a soft scrub cleaner. DO NOT use any harsh chemicals or cleansers (i.e.: thinners, turpentine or abrasive cleaners). Clean the inside of the helmet using a damp cloth to remove salt (sweat) build-up from the padding. The inside of the helmet should also be sprayed with a mild disinfectant solution. Allow the helmet to air-dry in an upright position.

Shoulder Pads: Clean with a mild soap and water solution inside and out. No harsh chemicals should be used. Use disinfectant solution on all padded areas.

Jerseys & Pants: Machine wash cold-warm water with a mild detergent. Pre-soak to remove heavy stains. Air-dry. DO NOT bleach, dry clean or use in automatic dryer.

Pads (hip, tail, thigh, knee, arm, hand, elbow, neck, collar & rib): Hand wash cold water with mild detergent. Air-dry. DO NOT bleach, use harsh chemicals or use in an automatic dryer.

Football Helmet Inspection List:

  • Inspect your helmet prior to each use - NEVER wear a damaged helmet
  • Foam padding should be in proper placement
  • Foam padding should show NO signs of deterioration
  • Check for cracks in vinyl or rubber covering on air/foam
  • Protective system should never be altered or removed
  • Check shell for cracks
  • Check all rivets, screws, velcro and snaps to ensure they are properly fastened

If any of the above inspections indicate a need for repair or replacement, notify the Program Administrator. This is the participants' responsibility. Please take the time to care for your equipment.  Each participant is given the use of equipment - it must be properly cared for so it will last.